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McKit Systems Ltd. is a part of the Malam Team group, and for 25 years has been a leader the fields of product lifecycle management (PLM)-related solutions, software and implementation, including computer-aided design (CAD) and smart systems for data management engineering.
In Israel, McKit represents the leading global companies SIEMENS PLM Software and Bentley Systems.

McKit employs about a hundred professionals, in a variety of areas: process leaders, PLM system analysts and programmers, CAD experts, CAD support engineers and instructors.

McKit offers its clients a wide array of professional services: system analysis, consultation services, implementation and integration, courses and guidance, in-location support for clients and an advanced digital support center.

McKit upgrades both the business and operational aspects of global companies by implementing an integrative platform of processes and software solutions that provide each company with greater management abilities for the lifecycle of its product, from the initial concept design to the end of the production, including data management, process management and analysis. McKit's innovative PLM and CAD solutions, along with complementary applications developed by the company's software house, provide a one-stop environment of automated tools based on advanced technologies of data, resource and knowledge-sharing.

The solutions allow for optimized real-time data management and sharing, as well as accessibility and availability of critical information related to complex engineering processes, all while maintaining complete synergy between employees, suppliers, sub-contractors and business partners.

McKit's extensive experience and proven capabilities have contributed to its global reputation of expertise in the implementation of complex, multi-user projects in many different sectors: high-tech, aviation, defense, engineering, electronics, communications and academic.

Among the company's clients are Israel Aerospace Industries, Elta Systems, TEVA, Israel's Ministry of Defense, the IDF, Iscar, Elbit Systems, RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems, ECI, Crane Aerospace, RMMV, Israel's Electric Company, Ormat Technologies, Plasan, Keter, BARAN Group, Ludan Energy Overseas, TOP Engineering, Makhteshim, BAZAN Group and Nova.

McKit's solutions include the following:

  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Construction & Infrastructure

The solutions include the following products:

Teamcenter by SIEMENS 
The world's leading PLM system for product lifecycle management. Teamcenter allows management of product portfolios, product trees, multiple versions and engineering processes. The system supports interfaces for MS Office, CAD and ERP environments.

DOC4TC by McKit 
A complementary product for Teamcenter, handling output management. The product provides an overall solution to all aspects of file processing during the routine work processes along the product life cycle: conversion to neutral formats, stamping, packaging and printing.

DDP Document Distribution Platform by McKit
A complementary product for Teamcenter, handling the management of the distribution process: definition, collection of distribution-related information, processing the needed information, creation of related reports, packaging and distribution.

A CAD program based on a parametric engine used for aviation and military design, complex plastic products, CNC production templates, 5-axis platform milling and creation, and analysis and simulations of smart ergonomics.

Solid Edge by SIEMENS
A parametric CAD program with an OLE interface for MS Office environment, allowing immediate milling and turning. The system's functional models include: components design, assembly and schematics management, tin planning and packaging, template design, product design, wiring, components database and strength analysis.

A unique platform for managing electronic documentation, digital catalogue production for instructional purposes, and instruction manuals.

PLANT solutions by Bentley 
Perfect integrative solutions that support the entire project's cycle in the industrial process, from conceptual to physical design, including automated production of different reports, inventory and schematics.

Civil solutions by Bentley 
Leading solutions for the development of a national infrastructure design area handling projects as roads, interchanges, drainage systems, and railways.

Geospatial – tools for mapping, aerial photography, resource management and spatial objects.

Building – software solutions for building and architecture.

Water/Sewer – planning and management systems for water and sewer systems.

Collaboration – management system for spatial and interdisciplinary information.


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