DOC4TC Teamcenter module

DOC4TC allows you to routinely manage your product documents as part of the product lifecycle with no need to leave the TEAMCENTER environment. The system provides tools for processing and converting documents to a variety of product-related formats: stamping, PDF conversion, creation of manuals and much more.

TEAMCENTER makes the product’s lifecycle management simple, fast and efficient. DOC4TC turns the product documents’ management into an integral part of the process, when it brings this management into the TEAMCENTER system and allows you to adjust the documents to the different stages of the product’s lifecycle by either converting them into different formats or targeting them at specific recipients.

With DOC4TC, you can:

- Easily convert documents to different formats and templates.
- Quickly and easily manage all the product document.
- Get documents from external systems as ERP.
- Easily integrate TEAMCENTER reports in the product documents.

And much more…

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