Product Information Managements

Linkware is a Product Information Management system(PIM) for genrating Illustrated Part Catalogs (IPC/EPC) and built-in publish to web capabilities. Linkware supports multiple data sources such as the organization ERP, Excel, XML and others.

Linkware supports data editing and synchroized with changes made to the original data source. It can validate data by quering multiple data sources per single product. Stylesheet based publishing makes it easy to suit any need. Its Publish and Distribution options include PDF, Office Apps, Android application(Tablet/Smartphone) and complete online or offline website (offline package) with search capabilities.



LinkwareBuilder 373x303

LinkWare Builder Office 

This tool is designed for creating product documentation and maintenance books. Easily create interactive product tree enriched with images, schematics, links, hotspots, datasheets, etc. This module can import from any office source with pre-defined templates and can run validation tests to ensure data integrity.

LinkWare Builder Enterprise 

This version was designed for organizations for management and distribution of technical engineering information. Designed for multiple content makers with centerlized database to create complete product line catalogs portal. It can import from ERP, PLM or Legacy data sources.


LinkwarePortal 373x303


LinkWare Portal

The portal module is an infrastructure for online catalog publication over the internet or intranet. With built in search engine and product family designation which makes it clear and simple for the end user (engineers, suppliers, marketing, support, etc).




LinkwareLosia 373x303

LOSIA - LinkWare Offline Sync & Inc Application

The LOSIA mudule is designed to produce offline packages for remote and offgrid usage. The data in the offline package can be viewed using any web browser and can be re synched with updated data when needed.





 Linkware Brochure 

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